Eat My Tarts
'A Dream Is A Question You Don't Know How To Answer' Album Remix (The drug addict version)
The songs on the album include the following:
  • So many of Us Hide Our Heroin Addiction
  • I Still Feel That Heroin prt. 3
  • What I Would Give Up to be High
  • I’ve Been Hearing That You’re an idiot for falling for my scams
  • 7AM, 2 Bottles and The Wrong Road to my dealers house
  • The Heroin Pail Kid Gang Bang
  • Take Time For all the Wrong Things like Drug Addictionsย 
  • No Matter How Hard I Dig, They Always Catch me Scamming
  • I’m Jonny Craig B*tch and I am A Douchebag!
  • Children of Addictions